“Chirina” is first Georgian company becoming a member of EBRD’s Blue Ribbon Programme

“Chirina“ – vertically integrated leading poultry producer of Georgia, which sells its poultry products under “Biu-Biu” brand- has been selected…

Integrity is the entry ticket to our company. At Capital Locus we walk our talk; we admit our mistakes and stay always accountable for our actions. Ability to build and maintain trust based and respectful business relationships with customers and finance originators is possible only with honest, transparent and responsible attitude towards people. We say “no” to any relationships and business opportunities where we see lack of integrity.

People with the desire for learning and professional development, who like to challenge, question and permanently improve their knowledge, are highly appreciated in our company. Every day we want to do job better than we did it yesterday. Strive for improvement, desire to reach higher job standards, goal orientation, persistence and resistance to stress is expected from all employees. Respectively high level of energy is a must for people willing to work for Capital Locus.

Our business requires from us quick learning skills, ability for reasoning and logical thinking.  Intellectual capacity for orientation, dealing with new information, ability to connect dots, grasp relevant details and at the same time maintain bigger picture is expected from employees of Capital Locus.

Well-developed setup of social, verbal and written communication skills are among key expectations towards our colleagues. Constructive and self-assured interactions and ability to clearly communicate complex matters is highly important for transparent and efficient relationships with our partners.

Ability to understand market developments, grasp business opportunities and provide initiatives for taking advantage of these opportunities is absolutely necessary to be successful in our company. We are a company with entrepreneurial spirit not very tolerant and patient to comfort driven bureaucrats.

From colleagues we expect high self-esteem which should not be mixed with arrogance. Staying down to earth, being self-critical, open minded and positive in interpersonal relationships is a must at Capital Locus. We build a team of strong individuals, who complement strengths of other individuals with their advantages and contribute to successful development and performance of entire team.

Currently there are no vacancies in Capital Locus.

Core Values

What we stand for and care about at Capital Locus is defined by the core values of our Company. They are ingrained in every aspect what we do internally and externally

What we do

Financing solutions for working capital, investments in equipment and plant, launching new business line, optimization of existing debt and capital structure and mitigation of financial risks.

Customer Profile

Mid-sized companies from industry, agriculture, production, transport, service, energy, tourism and healthcare with operations in Armenia and Georgia.